Blog 012818

Well, here we are again. I’m not the best about blogging That should be self evident. But here we are again. I promise I will try to blog something new at least once a month if nothing else.

Okay, so here we go.

The Haymarket Riot documentary is going no where fast. Never received replies from any of the instructors I reached out to, so, that documentary has been canceled. So has the documentary on World War One. The BBC has hired Peter Jackson to go through their trove of newsreel films about World War One. Basically, this is what I had planned on doing. That short documentary about Britain in the Blitz that I uploaded ran right into copyright claims, so I can imagine what a documentary about WWI will run into. So, let Peter do it It will probably be better anyway.

So, where does that leave me?

I had a hard drive crash & burn recently. Lost all of my files on it. Nothing I had or could find would even attempt reading it. Bye-bye drive.

There were only a few files I really cared about on the drive, things I was working on. The main three files I think I can reconstruct. That, and going through my hard files, I found a script that I had written, filed away and forgot about. Not a bad script. Plus a really short one that I need to reconstruct.

The really short one is called Caged. Its a ghost story, of a kind. The female ghost is watching her parents visit her grave and the thoughts she is thinking. Basically, for filming, I will need a cast of five people, a director of photography/camera person and a couple of assistants to help us out. I can do the filming myself, but I prefer to have someone watch over the filming and allow me to watch over the performers. Notice I didn’t say anything about a sound person. That’s because all the sound will be recorded post. Plus two green screen shots so I can have some fun. Now Caged is only about 5 or 6 pages in length. So, this one will be by volunteer only. It should only take us a couple of hours, I will say, some sunny Sunday afternoon. Probably some sunny afternoon in March. Not only do I want fair weather, I want the ground to dry up.

The other short one is titled Trapped. It concerns a prostitute who is killing some of her clients for money. It is loosely based on the life of Aileen Wuornos, the Florida serial killer. I suppose I was thinking about how would she explain to her female lover what had been happening. There is no sex scene involved. Sorry guys. No, seriously, there is no sex scene involved. Nothing close to a sex scene or even a murder scene involved. There will be some shooting outside, downtown Owensboro. Some shot in what will pass for a police interrogation room and some shot in a sleazy hotel room. At the Colonel House, probably. Surround ourselves with the cheap prostitutes, lol!

One of the full length. I want to film is about a lady who poisons people. Slightly revenge and slightly because she enjoys it. This is one I need to reconstruct from the ground up.

The other full length feature I want to film is an updating of Ed Gein’s story. I wanted to do a film about Ed Gein, but, where on earth would I obtain, and could afford to obtain, clothes for that period? And the cars, especially police cars. But let’s see what I can do if I update it? There is a small town between Henderson, KY and Madisonville, KY by the name of Slaughters. August Slaughters won the right to name the post office in a card game. He named it after himself. Now is this not a town to stand in for Plainfield, Wisconsin, the small town Ed was in? Shoot some scenes in Slaughters and some in Owensboro. And maybe one down the road from Owensboro…

I still want to do some documentaries. I want to do a documentary on the year 1862. America was at such a crossroads, then. This year is the real high water mark for the entire Confederacy. They fought off some offensives by the Union Armies, lost a few significant battles, but managed to launch offensives in two of the main theaters of the Civil War. They never came closer to winning the war. Gettysburg, the following year, was the high point for the Army of Northern Virginia, not the Confederacy over all. The Gettysburg Campaign was more or less a gigantic raid to try and draw Ulysses Grant away from Vicksburg, or cut his supply and communication off from Washington D.C. Even if Lee had won at Gettysburg, he would have found the Union Army of the Potomac on his flank and in prepared positions. Lee couldn’t have won the campaign and he couldn’t have supported his army off in Pennsylvania. That and 1862 was the year Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. That is a strange document.

Plus, I want to do a documentary, or a docudrama perhaps, about the Spottsville Monster. Spottsville is a small town west of Owensboro. They have a history of a Bigfoot like creature terrorizing the area. For more, go to:

And, that has it, boys and girls of all ages. See you next time.

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