What Am I Cooking Up Now?

Okay, well I’m not such a great film maker that I can make films so fast. I’m working on a documentary as best I can, but how many times do you want to read about me working on a documentary or seeing videos about me working on a documentary?

So what else can I do?

You know what? I can cook. I’m a fairly good cook at that. I’m certainly no Julia Child or Graham Kerr, but I do okay.

So, I have created Mrs. Powell’s Kitchen. I decided to name it after my mother because Keenan’s Kitchen or My Kitchen doesn’t have quite the homey feel to it, you know? So Mrs. Powell’s Kitchen it is.

I will explore making soups, desserts, breads of all kind, some salad dressings and peanut butter. These will feature some vegetarian dishes, but mostly non-vegetarian dishes.

Each recipe will be written up with notes and an attached video. I have no idea of how frequently these videos will be released, they will never interfere with my film making.

I don’t know exactly where this is headed, but this should be fun. Who knows? Maybe this will help create a line of homemade products I can sell.