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Well, it has been a while since we last blogged. But since this is our second favorite time of the year (you’re kidding right? You’re wondering what someone of Irish descendant’s favorite time of the year is?)

I have been under cover for much of the last year. But don’t despair! I haven’t taken my eyes off of my goal. I have the first draft of the screenplay for what was named Panther, now named Caged, completed. I will be working some more on that in a day or two. How I get the financing done, is another matter. But I’m hoping to film it during the spring.

I’m also working on a full length script named The Kindness of Strangers. Its about a lady who likes to poison men, keeping some of them in crates in her basement.

I also have two stories swirling around to be turned in screenplays after those the above films are filmed, edited and out.

That’s about all there is for today. You guys and gals (or whatever) take care.


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