And Here We Go!

We are filming this weekend. We are filming in Legion Park. We will gather together and cast a wondrous spell to entertain you and delight you, we hope.

We will commence filming on the Music Box Saturday. Patrick Higgs and Jeremy Scoggins will be portraying 2 gentlemen discussing a music box and which of them should possess it.

Each man has memories that are triggered by the music box. For James Maxwell (Jeremy), the music box was a gift he had given his dead fiance. For Henry Stein (Patrick Higgs), the music box reminds him of one his mother had owned in Krakow, before World War II.

The principle cast members, Patrick Higgs, Jeremy Scoggins, Amy Boyatt, & Cathy Cobb-Gish, all have backgrounds in acting, in theater and in films.

The make-up artist, Lisa Duvall, has done make up for quite a few films in the Owensboro – Evansville area.

The Director of Photography, Alexander Clark and his wife, Bri, have accomplished a great deal in video and photography in the Owensboro & Evansville area.

Alexander’s brother, Ian Howard, is making a name for himself in Owensboro – Evansville area.

The First AD, Liz Young, is working her magic on her second film. We are hoping to see great things from Liz in the future.

The director, Keenan Powell, is making his second short drama film. His next plan is to due a full length feature suspense film next time. He also picked up an idea for a future film from the American Experience episode entitled Poisoner’s Handbook.